NAND Flash Products

Swissbit is the largest independent manufacturer of embedded memory and flash storage solutions in Europe. The Swissbit flash range includes SSDs with SATA interface as mSATA, Slim SATA, CFast™, M.2 and 2.5”, CompactFlash, USB flash drives, SD and micro SD memory cards. Swissbit offers products with long-term availability, high reliability and durability.
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Our Products


Solid State Drives by Swissbit come in a variety of form factors and with special features for the highest requirements. Sophisticated firmware and controller technology makes them the best solutions that can be built with SLC- or MLC-NAND-Chips.

  • 2.5″ SATA
    • X-500
    • X-200
    • X-60
    • X-55
  • mSATA MO-300
    • X-600m
    • X-200m
    • X-60m
  • SLIM SATA MO-297
    • X-600s
    • X-200s
    • X-60s
  • M.2 SATA
    • X-600m2
    • X-60m2


Swissbit is the preferred provider of Flash Cards with increased endurance and retention. Products range from cards for the standards plug-in interfaces to cards for highly integrated embedded solutions.

  • CompactFlash Cards™
    • C-440
    • C-320
    • C-300L
    • C-300
  • CFast Cards™
    • F-600
    • F-240
    • F-60
    • F-50
  • SD Memory Cards
    • S-450
    • S-220
    • S-200
    • S-46
    • S-45
  • microSD Memory Cards
    • S-450u
    • S-300u
    • S-200u
    • S-46u
    • S-45u


Flash memory products with USB interface are the perfect storage device for industrial embedded PCs and other devices that need an easy to integrate boot medium.

  • USB Drives
    • unitedCONTRAST II
  • USB Modules
    • U-400
    • U-110
    • U-45

Managed NAND

Managed NAND components are the perfect solution if space and endurance requirements allow the utilization of BGA based products. These products are primarily targeting usage as boot media or in read intensive applications.

  • e.MMC
    • EM-20