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Reliable storage of data is our mission. We only provide devices that meet the highest requirements: storage media that hold and protect your data even under difficult conditions. In our very own plant in Berlin we push the limits of what can be achieved with flash memory. We assemble, we pack, we test, and we devise firmware – always with the application of the products in mind.


Swissbit relies on over 20 years of experience in the development of removable and embedded memory solutions for the most demanding markets: We provide you with fail-safe storage solutions for your needs in industrial, medical, automotive or communication networking applications.


From flash memory for extreme temperature to tamper-proof secure data storage: All our products meet the highest quality criteria and performance benchmarks. And we’re the reliable long-term source for your memory solution in sync with your product life cycle.

Our offer for you

NAND Flash Products

Find the memory solution that meets your requirements in our product lines of memory cards and solid state drives with a broad range of form factors and interfaces.

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Security Products

Choose from our range of flash memory products to provide encryption, secure element or tamper-proof data storage for mobile and embedded industrial applications.

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Use our expertise and our German high-end packaging facilities to produce MCP, SIP and COB of the smallest form factors.

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Quality Leadership

When it comes to quality, we do not compromise. Swissbit uses leading edge productions technologies, maintains ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949 quality management and offers intensive customer support for optimized embedded solutions.

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September 2017 – The Show Must Go On!

Swissbit always has a solution. 

Bronschhofen (Switzerland) – Swissbit, a leading manufacturer of flash memory solutions, shows creativity by showcasing their products at the Flash Memory Summit 2017 in Santa Clara, California (August 8-10, 2017) despite shut down of exhibition.

With lots of excitement Swissbit had been looking forward to exhibiting at FMS 2017. It is widely known …


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