The  PS-45u SD card provides security for bit cost optimized applications



Market segments like Automotive, Medical, NetComm and Surveillance require high security for data at rest protection and secure communication for the Internet Of Things. Flash memory technology in these applications needs to be well optimized for cost, endurance and performance in the respective application. The PS-45 card with its well defined security will enable new security levels for industrial applications.


Industrial systems are going online in the Internet of Things. A complete new class of attack vectors is now enabled by remote access. While physical barriers are no longer in place, data hiding is no longer sufficient as security measure against attackers. Know how protection, legal requirements for data protection, liability and many more aspects are the driving force

for strong online security. Data at rest security protects digital assets stored in secure memory. Solution providers can choose from various data protection profiles and smart card security  inside industrial storage cards for bit cost optimized applications.


The flash memory features are identical to the S-45u card and use MLC flash memory technology.


PS-45u cards are available in following Security Editions:


swissbit_security_SE swissbit_security_VE swissbit_security_PE swissbit_security_DP