The  PS-45 SD card provides security for bit cost optimized applications



Market segments like Industrial Automation, Aerospace and Defense require highest security for data at rest protection and total solution integrity. Flash memory technology in these applications has to fulfill highest endurance and performance requirements. The probability of failure needs to be minimized. PS-450u cards provide such storage reliability combined with highest security for industrial applications based on SLC flash memory technology.


Highly critical infrastructure, devices and industrial production systems are potential targets for denial of service attacks, reverse engineering, counterfeit and many more threats. This card supports solution providers to minimize liability and system risks efficiently. High quality flash memory ensures operation even under adverse conditions.

The optional smart card security and data protection profiles help to protect any digital assets.

The flash memory features are identical to the S-450 card.


PS-450 cards are available in following Security Editions:


swissbit_security_SE swissbit_security_VE swissbit_security_PE swissbit_security_DP