The PS-100u microSD provides security for mobile and portable use cases



Mobile phones, tablets and laptops and its valuable data are subject to attacks. State of the art security requires a strong and reliable security anchor. The highly certifiedsmart card chip inside the Micro SD card can be flexibly used for many use cases while fulfilling highest

governmental security standards. The card provides next to its security module also MLC flash memory, that is highly optimized or mobile and portable usage.


Smart card technology is the most reliable method to protect your digital assets e.g. by securing device login, data encryption, voice encryption, cloud authentication etc. The multitude of use cases provides benefits like independence from third parties, highest security and flexibility to solution providers. Java Card technology of the latest standard allows creation of secure solutions with state of the art and certified cryptography.


PS-100u cards are available in following Security Editions:


swissbit_security_SE swissbit_security_VE swissbit_security_FE swissbit_security_DP