PS-100u VE

Key features:

  • Common Criteria 5+ certified chip and OS
  • Java Card 3.0.4
  • Global Platform 2.2.1
  • Multiple security domains
  • RSA DAP verification
  • True Global Platform Delegated Management,
  • RSA up to 2048 bits
  • ECC up to 521 bits
  • AES 128 to 256 bits, SHA2 up to 512 bits
  • True Random Number Generator according FIPS and AIS 31
  • EEPROM up to 80KByte

Swissbit Product Features


The PS-100u VE Voice Encryption card provides elliptic curve encryption

Long before the international interception initiatives were published the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) published an alert entitled “Security in mobile telephony in accordance with the GSM standard” which drew the following conclusion: “Communicating via GSM mobile telephones cannot be regarded as being secure unless adequate security measures are taken.” An interesting update by Karsten Nohl on 31C3 conference revealed also 3G communications can no longer be trusted. Secure communication needs a secure start on the device and cannot be trustfully delegated to networks. The answer to all problems is end-to-end security.


Voice encryption software, combined with the Voice Edition PS-100u VE Micro SD card, is such an adequate security measure. The PS-100u VE fits into the Micro SD slot of cell phones and smart phones to secure governmental and business communication. The solution is the preferred choice due to support for strong user authentication by dual factor authentication, end-to-end security, and fast key exchange during call set up in the inconsiderable and removable form factor of a Micro SD.


What makes the PS-100u VE stand out is the strength of up to 512 bit long keys for elliptical curve cryptography. It is worth to be mentioned, that a key size of 521 bits in elliptical curve cryptography offers the same level of security as a 15,360-bit key in RSA cryptography, please see here. This extra security offers long term privacy over years.


Java Card and Global Platform standard compliance grant the flexibility and security in the microSD form factor. Customers just implement their own security algorithm, which will be running securely inside the smart card. The user keys can be securely managed over the air due to Global Platform compliance. The crypto card’s chip hardware and the Operating System both meet the Common Criteria EAL 5+ security standard. The PS-100u VE supports the BlackBerry® and Android platform. Additionally, the PS-100u VE can be used in standard Windows®, MAC and Linux® PC environments. A native C library ensures that nearly any host can be enabled.


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