PE – Industrial Premium Edition

Key features:

  • Common Criteria 5+ certified chip and OS
  • Java Card 3.0.4
  • Global Platform 2.2.1
  • Multiple security domains
  • RSA DAP verification
  • True Global Platform Delegated Management,
  • RSA up to 2048 bits
  • ECC up to 521 bits
  • AES 128 to 256 bits, SHA2 up to 512 bits
  • True Random Number Generator according FIPS and AIS 31
  • EEPROM up to 80KByte
  • Data protection modes: PIN protected storage, AES256 data encryption, hidden NVRAM storage, CD-ROM, secure logging

Swissbit Product Features


PE Premium Edition cards provide strong smart card security in combination with data protection features


PE Premium Edition cards embed powerful data protection extensions. The highly certified smart card chip inside the card offers the same function like the VE cards. In addition to the smart card security also the flash memory controller is able to perform cryptographic operations.

Premium Edition cards are ideal for all use cases in which data protection in combination with smart card security is important.


These card protects flash memory content in various protection modes, that are in more detail described for the Industrial Security DP cards: 


  • Protection of all files
  • Protection of specific files only:
  • Full protection
  • Write Protection / CD-ROM
  • Hidden storage


The industrial PE cards are available in following configurations:



PS-45 PE

PS-45u PE

PS-450 PE

PS-450u PE

S-45  S-45u  S-450  S-450u
Flash Type
8/16 GB 8/16 GB 4/8/16/32 GB 512MB/2 GB


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