October 2017 – Swissbit ramps everbit™ SSD products

Swissbit everbit™ SSDs are now available in all form factors and densities


Bronschhofen, Switzerland – Swissbit has extended their SATA 6Gb/s product range with a full portfolio based on pSLC technology. Similar to the MLC portfolio durabit™, the new products have been named everbit™ to reflect their main focus: extended endurance.

The everbit™ SSDs bridge the gap between SLC and MLC technology. The SSDs use MLC technology, a DRAM supported page-based mapping and increased over-provisioning, but use only one bit of each MLC cell in an SLC-like manner. With this configuration the NAND endurance can be extended from 3K to 20K program/erase cycles and allows highly demanding applications to benefit from a 6.7 times higher service life at roughly doubled cost in comparison to MLC.


The family is referenced as X-66 and is available in CFast™, SlimSATA, mSATA, M.2 and 2.5” form factors and capacities up to 240GB.


When MLC NAND is operated with just one bit per cell (also called pseudoSLC or pSLC mode) the write access speed can be significantly increased. The X-66 SSDs have nearly doubled the write performance both in sequential and random mode making smaller drives especially interesting.
Small capacity MLC drives suffer from reduced write performance compared to the MAX spec numbers. In order to meet customer requirements for write data rate often meant using higher capacity MLC drives than were needed.  The X-66 can fulfill high write performance demand even with small drive capacities, which compensates for the cost disadvantage of pSLC.


Alongside their endurance and speed benefits, everbit™ products excel by a robust design, long-term availability, a connector with increased gold thickness, industrial temperature support and firmware features that improve retention and power failure protection.
Samples are available on request.