Typical applications:

  • Base Station (BTS)
  • WiMAX (WAC)
  • Radio Network Controller (RNC)
  • Video / IPTV – transcoding / storage
  • Signaling Gateway


Telecommunication infrastructure is implemented globally in every possible climate zone, therefore the equipment has to operate under the most severe weather conditions such as heat, cold, humidity or dust. This results in a long and expensive qualification and testing process and the need for products that guarantee long-term availability in order to minimize the number of re-qualifications. Our cards provide features that are particularly suitable for NetCom applications, where high reliability, longer duty cycles and in field firmware upgrades are key requirements.
Swissbit product portfolio is very much focused on product and form factors that will be dominant in the near future in the NetCom sector. For example as small form factors such as our newest SATA III devices like M.2, mSATA and slimSATA. Among our solutions, we have customized products able to guarantee a high level of random performance that meets or exceeds most NetCom application requirements.
Swissbit‘s embedded memory & storage solutions are tested specifically for rough environmental conditions and guarantee industry leading reliability standards. Long-term relationships with our suppliers allow us to guarantee a fixed BOM along with the highest possible longevity.



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