NetCom application

The latest technologies and life changing developments rely on the Internet. The Internet of Things (IoT), the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industrial 4.0 (IND4.0) cannot be realized without a strong network of communication channels.

Transmitting data to remote areas of the world is quite challenging and involves a high cost. Transceivers, routers and bridges which require uninterrupted, autonomous 24/7 operation, are often under extreme environmental conditions and can be installed in difficult to service areas.

Quality and reliability is a hard requirement that is met by Swissbit products and is verified by Swissbit’s stringent test procedures to meet NetCom requirements.

Swissbit supports this demanding field of applications with products that withstand a wide range of frequent temperature changes that operate between -40°C and +95°C. It is mandatory that products perform for an extended life time in the field without replacement or service. Swissbit’s durabit™ range of SSDs fulfil this requirement by reducing the write amplification by using a DRAM for the Flash mapping and increased overprovisioning. Both extend the endurance of the drives and enable a higher sustained performance.

everbit™ – MLC technology in pSLC mode with same features than durabit™ products

For applications with even higher endurance requirements, Swissbit offers the everbit™ products with 7x higher drive writes per day using pSLC mode or an enterprise type of SSD with 28% overprovisioning.

NetCom storage product
Swissbit products are used in two typical use cases

  • Boot media
  • Data packet and routing buffering
  • Data Logging
  • Vaulting/Crash Dump


Swissbit‘s embedded memory & storage solutions are designed and approved for reliable operation over a wide temperature range. The products are verified at temperature corners and prestressed with a burn-in operating functional test (Test During Burn In – TDBI).


The WAF (write amplification factor) for MLC based products is reduced by combining a DRAM based flash management with a powerful controller and increased overprovisioning.


The Swissbit products are carefully designed to fulfil the highest reliability requirements. This includes the selection of the raw materials, the system and firmware design and is verified by stringent qualification tests.

Boot Media

For Boot media purpose, a still frequently utilized device due to interface availability is the embedded USB module. With the U-4x and U-5x family Swissbit offers a broad range of capacities and interface modes. Data care management with retention optimization maintains the boot image data over the complete service life and guarantees a safe and fast restart of the NetCom system.


Various effects like extended periods of inactivity, read disturb by neighboring pages or changing or temperatures can impact data reliability. The latest generation of Swissbit products use special methods to maintain and refresh the data for sustained data integrity.

Data packet and routing buffering / Data Logging / Vaulting / Crash Dump

The requirements for these kind of use cases are high speed and a high endurance, both are perfectly met with X-60 durabit™ MLC SSDs in 2.5” or m.2 form factor.


Highest sequential data rates and IOPS by optimized hardware architecture and firmware configuration.