Medical Applications

There is a vast array of medical applications, ranging from diagnostic instruments including MRI and CT scanners, Ultrasound machines, to blood testing and dialysis machines and medication machines such as infusion pumps. The amount of data stored can be small, as in heart rate monitoring equipment, or large as in X-Ray imaging.

Nonetheless there is one common aspect: qualifying and certifying components for medical use is a lengthy, expensive task and the timeline from the initial testing of a product for medical use to its volume production can stretch over several years.

In addition, the lifecycles of medical applications can run for many years. This requires the storage products to have a much longer service life than standard consumer products. Replacement of a qualified medical product will often trigger a recertification and additional expense, which should be avoided as much as possible.
Swissbit addresses this need by offering products with long term supply availability. With our frozen BOM and PCN process, which includes the firmware revision, we guarantee a qualified product will ship with the same components insuring quality and reliability for its entire lifecycle.

The portfolio of products for medical use range from SD memory cards or CF cards for handheld medical appliances to 2.5” or M.2 SSDs with high bandwidth and capacity for medical imaging.

The longevity product lines use special components with a long-term supply commitment of up to 10 years. These products offer lowest TCO in demanding applications with high requalification cost.



Security plays an always increasing role in medical applications. With the amount of patient data and strict rules for data protection security features are not just optional but mandatory.
Swissbit offers SD memory cards and microSD memory cards with integrated secure element which allows to easy implement data protection, access control and audit trails of recorded data.

More on security products

Swissbit´s secure memory cards consist of a NAND flash, a controller, secure element and a special firmware which in combination allow encryption of data or voice stream, access protection and authentication.