June, 2018 – Long-term Supply: Swissbit introduces new MMC card

“Against the trend with a 128 MB card”


Against the trend of highest density SD memory cards Swissbit introduces a brand new 128 MB Multimedia Card (MMC) named M-120 to extend the availability of low density products at the other end of the capacity scale. For Swissbit this is a consequent step following their best customer service approach.


Multimedia Cards are similar to SD memory card and can be used in SD card slots. The opposite is not possible since MMCs have a thickness of 1.4mm while SD memory cards use a 2.1mm housing. A lot of industrial application like train control or automation systems have been designed with MMC slots and need the thinner packages for field replacement.


With the new M-120 Swissbit extends the availability of an industrial grade MMC up to 2021 and offers extended support beyond this date. The capacity of 128MB is more than sufficient for the applications that typically run from the media. The M-120 uses high quality SLC NAND and is available with extended and industrial temperature grade up to -40° to 85°C. The card supports MMC and SPI burst mode according to MMC card specification 3.31. The card has been developed for embedded applications, using the Swissbit COB process which integrates the silicon dies in a fully molded package. This creates a highly robust and environmentally sealed package.