July, 2018 – Swissbit announces Letter Of Intent with Hiddn Solutions for encrypted SSD manufacturing

Swissbit enters into LOI with Hiddn to optimize production of Hiddn’s high-end encryption solutions.


 “We are pleased to enter into an agreement with Swissbit, which marks an important step towards an optimized and cost-efficient set-up for future volume production of Hiddn’s products. We require a skilled, experienced and cost-efficient production partner which we have identified in Swissbit”, says Carl Espen Wollebekk, CEO at Hiddn Solutions.


Swissbit is considered a global innovation leader in storage technology for high-reliability solutions. As outlined in the LoI, both parties intend to collaborate to customize, optimize and test Hiddn’s encryption solution to make it even more suited for volume production at Swissbit’s state-of-the art manufacturing, testing and packaging facility in Berlin.


“Both Swissbit and Hiddn recognize the undeniable need for reliable and secure storage solutions. We look forward to exploring how we can further develop our collaboration with Hiddn, as the company has been at the forefront of encryption solutions and secure data storage over the past two decades,” says Hubertus Grobbel, Head of Business Unit Security at Swissbit AG.