February 2017 – Swissbit expands their portfolio with durabit™ and everbit™ products

Swissbit durabit™ SSDs are now available in all form factors and densities


Bronschhofen, Switzerland -Products with the brand name durabit™ stand for the highest available performance and endurance possible with MLC technology. The durabit™ X-60/F-60 family achieves this by using DRAM supported page-based mapping and increased over-provisioning. The slogan “durabit – the better MLC” puts these features into simple words.


Alongside their architectural benefits, MLC products excel by a rugged design, long availability, a connector with increased gold thickness, industrial temperature support and firmware features that improve retention and power failure protection. The X-60 family comprises products in CFast™, SlimSATA, mSATA, M.2 and 2.5” form factors and capacities from 8 to 480GB. The X-60P variation comes with highest safety against data loss in case of power failure. A 960GB version will complete the high-end range.

For applications with even higher requirements, Swissbit has introduced the everbit™ product line. This family boasts the same features as the durabit range, but uses a configuration of the MLC technology in pSLC mode. This improves endurance by a factor of 6.7 versus durabit™ products with the same capacity, making everbit™ products the best balance between cost and longevity.


For mission critical applications, all of the durabit products are also available with SLC technology.