DP – Industrial Data Protection Edition

Key features:

  • Data protection modes: PIN protected storage, AES256 data encryption, hidden NVRAM storage, CD-ROM, secure logging

Swissbit Product Features


DP Data Protection card is ideal for industrial data protection use cases


DP cards are ideal for all use cases in which data protection is important. The card is the stepping stone between standard flash memory cards and the PE card with smart card. This type of cards protects the flash memory content in high speed and usability in various protection profiles: 


  • Protection of all files:
    This function turns the card into a post box in which anyone can throw a letter in, but only the authorized receiver can get the letter. Every host is able to write files to the card, but reading back requires the PIN. Typical use cases are body worn cameras, dash cams or personal video cameras
  • Protection of specific files only:
    This function is supported for use cases requiring regular storage access in parallel to securely stored data.
  • Full protection:
    This function protects every byte of the cards flash memory.
  • CD-ROM / Write Protection:
    This function is able to protect boot data against any modification. Industrial automation systems can be protected against boot image manipulation.
  • Hidden storage:
    DP cards offer a secure storage in a hidden memory area. This memory area is protected against deletion e.g. by formatting and can be configured to undergo PIN protection and specific read/write policies like write once mode.


The industrial DP cards are available in following configurations:



PS-45 DP

PS-45u DP

PS-450 DP

PS-450u DP

S-45  S-45u  S-450  S-450u
Flash Type
8/16/32 GB 4/8/16/32/64 GB 4/8/16/32 GB 512MB/2/4/8 GB


For more information please contact security@swissbit.com.