December 2018 – Long-term availability: the latest CompactFlash products from Swissbit

State-of-the-art flash memory technology based on the ‘old’ format.


Whilst CompactFlash is already obsolete in the consumer sector, it is still used for many industrial applications – for example in automation, train control command- and network communication systems. Those who are desperately seeking replacements for their old memory cards can now breathe a sigh of relief. Swissbit offers CompactFlash cards in three varieties: a C-500 series with SLC NAND, a C-56 series which features everbit™ pSLC technology and finally a cost-efficient C-50 series with durabit™ MLC memory. All three varieties have two things in common: a latest-generation high-performance controller and firmware that is optimized for the requirements of industry and NetCom applications. The durable and highly reliable products meet the extended industrial temperature range specification of -40°C to 85°C. 


C-5x products are manufactured at the Swissbit plant in Berlin with rigorous and strict final testing performed on every single card. Samples of both C-500 and C-56 are available and C-50 will follow shortly by the end of the year.