Industry Requirement Swissbit® Solution
Product Set Leading edge technology Broad range of form factors and interfaces tailored for the embedded market
Firmware customized for performance or feature adaption
Specific feature set
Quality Quality Management System ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949
High reliability Specific Industrial/Netcom/Automotive and Security designs
Thorough qualification process
100% test at full specification range
Best in Class RMA rate
Sales support Intensive customer relationship management Swissbit 360° Sales Service
Quick web based product availability check
Technical support Worldwide
e.g. Design-In, Joint Qualification
Direct access to experienced Memory Design, - System, - and Firmware engineers
Worldwide local FAE Teams
In depth system analysis
Low level physical failure analysis
Supply Chain Management Worldwide Support & Logistics Global Key Account Teams
Global distribution network / 3PL
Stable & reliable supply Strategic partnership with key Controller & Flash suppliers
Predictive analytics forecasting process
Product Life Cycle Management Locked BOM (H/W & F/W) Controlled BOM
Change Notification Process
Longevity Up to 10 years
Competitiveness Price / performance TCO optimized products and services
Design to cost and customer requirements
Security Cybercrime / Security Hardware & Software encryption product portfolio
Future development State of the art product pipeline Intensive ongoing R&D program and BDM support

Chip-on-Board (COB) Technology


  • COB technology enables the processing of wafers (compared to TSOP/BGA chips required for SMT)
  • It is used to produce small-form factor memory devices such as Micro SD cards; also SD cards are commonly COB designs today
  • Swissbit is the only embedded memory specialist with in-house COB technology – which allows us to build our own small-form factor storage solutions rather than buying them from 3rd party suppliers



  • Swissbit is fully dedicated to the embedded market with its highly demanding applications
  • Over the years we have developed and tested a large number of products and features especially suited for embedded applications
  • Our products and features go far beyond the commonly available standards and aim at a minimum TCO for our customers. For example thanks to high reliability, longevity and stable performance in any application environment



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security_ps-100Security is becoming mandatory in diverse markets. Data breaches and compromised IT environments are becoming a reality. Customers and solution providers are rightly concerned about risks, creating a necessity to improve security in a reliable and flexible fashion. In the telecommunications market, it has been widely publicized that GSM calls can easily be tapped. Reports about the mass interception of internet data on a global scale compromises the trust in the privacy of communications. Sophisticated attacks on industrial facilities raise questions about liability and reliability. A new class of threats and risks needs consideration. Consumers, governments, enterprises and industry are affected by security breaches directly or indirectly, visible or invisible.


Swissbit supports its customers in Industrial, Medical, Government, Telecommunications and Banking sectors to deliver secure systems. Each and every system requires storage to operate. While globally recognized as a leader in high-reliable Flash memory solutions, Swissbit also designs, develops and manufactures security products that provide additional security functions and features. Swissbit demonstrates a continuous and uninterrupted migration path towards secure systems while maintaining reliability and flexibility of existing memory form factors.


Swissbit offers Product Related Services:

  • Security firmware and drivers
  • Logo printing
  • Optical and electronic personalization
  • Design-in of consigned smart card chips

As well as Extended Services:

  • Security consulting
  • Security training
  • Customer support
  • Design-in support
  • Connection with eco system partner
    network for turnkey solutions and quick time to market

We are proud to be the largest manufacturer of DRAM and NAND Flash memory products in Europe and are producing exclusively in our manufacturing location in Berlin, Germany.


This brings along a number of benefits both for our customers and us, including:


  • By making use of the strong industrial base and skilled labor in Germany we are able to achieve highest quality levels for our products
  • The European/German regulations for environmental protection or labor (such as minimum wages, health and safety etc.) are one of the strictest in the world. We are happy to meet or exceed all relevant regulations. This is in line with our aim to be a reliable and sustainable partner for our customers