April, 2018 – industrial grade USB 3.1 flash drives

“A reliable device to transport your important data”


Bronschhofen, Switzerland – USB flash drives are often used to transport data between different locations, or as a removable storage extension in industrial applications such as log data storage, data backups, system upgrade media or license token. All of these use cases require reliable and protected storage.


Swissbit addresses this need with its latest family of USB 3.1 flash drives that are truly industrial grade. The range is based on a sophisticated USB 3.1 flash controller and includes U-500k with highly reliable SLC NAND (k stands for key), U-50k with MLC NAND and a pSLC configuration (U-56k) with seven times higher endurance at same density.


The firmware operates with page-based mapping, which reduces wear out significantly and increases random write performance, a perfect fit for data logging applications.


For confidential or license relevant content, Swissbit offers a special variation of this USB flash drive: the protected PU-5xk.